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A Women's Badass Battle


In A Women’s Badass Battle, Taylor Macuci gives a guide with many skills, techniques, and tools for individuals to engage in self-discovery so they can reconnect with their most authentic selves.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Become aware and manifest the life you want

  • Connect to your most authentic self through reflection and discovery 

  • Easy on-the-go tools to use when triggered or struggling with mental health

  • Know what mindset you have and how to make it what you want

  • Be clear with your boundaries


    Becoming aware of your past and learning from it is the first step to building the life and future you want. You won’t be doing it alone, as Taylor shares her experience and guides you through it. She has built a community of people going through their own self-improvement journey. 


About the Author 


For years, Taylor Macuci has been on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. When she was brought into the coaching world it changed her life. Becoming a life coach is what sparked her desire to share the knowledge and tools she was given. After experiencing her own mental health battles and learning insight on how to move forward through the darkness, she has now become a mental health advocate. Taylor is a prime example of what it looks like to make it out on the other side after drastically changing her mindset.


I always knew that I wanted to be a published author as I wrote for years. I had put up a lot of my work online over the years, but none that truly spoke to me. After diving into self-help and what that world involved, I found coaching. Once I was connected with my true calling, I knew that this was the work I really wanted to share with the world. 

What did I do with that motivation?

I buckled down and made it happen. I began writing and writing and writing till I had nothing left to say. Then I got stuck, as some call it writers/creators block. In order to make it happen, I knew I needed some outside support. That was when I got coached on the topic before hiring myself an editor. THIS is what changed the game. My editor held me accountable as well as giving me her guidance. It was the accountability aspect that really got the ball rolling for me. 

So that is my story on becoming a published author, I got support that held me accountable.

A Woman's
Badass Battle


This book is dedicated: "to all the women whose stories go untold. I hear you and I stand with you"

Final Ebook Front Cover.jpg