Change with the Seasons

What is this season bringing forward for you?

I absolutely LOVE the fall season; however, winter is not for me. As it gets colder, I loose the craving to be outside and in nature which has a drastic impact on my mental health. Knowing the impact of getting out of the house with my mental health, I am creating a challenge for myself. This winter I am going to commit to walking the dog every day Monday through Friday. Since I have a big backyard, walking the dog is not a normal habit for me but to hold myself accountable this is something I can do with the pup - Maggie.

My hope is for this to inspire you to take action in supporting your mental health during the transition of seasons and as the year is coming to an end.

Reflection questions:

How are you going to set yourself up for success in the winter season?

What are your intentions in December?

How are you going to lean into gratitude?

What would be a challenge you can give yourself?