Solo Love Society Course Modules

Here is everything you need to know about this program!

Modules are below here:

Module 1:

Compassion & care for yourself through your journey: all the tools that will support yourself on the journey. We are going to unpack where you have been to acknowledge where you are and what you need moving forward.

Inside, we will:

  • Acknowledge your experience

  • Accepting your choices

  • Forgive yourself for judging

  • Building trust in self

  • Reflection is progression

  • Being authentic

This module is valued at $250

Module 2:

Awareness of past, present, and future self:seeing what’s possible even after what you have been through. It is time to notice how what you have been through is  impacting you today as we move from your story to who are you currently and what your makeup has to do with your mindset now.

Inside, we will:

  • Seeing fear as the acknowledgement of importance

  • Knowing that failure is an opportunity to grow

  • Understanding that your inner critic just likes to talk S***

  • Workout your mindset muscles

  • The universal laws are working for you not against you

This module is valued at $250

Module 3:

Self-Discovery: unpacking your values, sages & inner child, boundaries, and your purpose. You need to get clear on what drives you, gives & takes your energy, and connect to your "why".

Inside, we will:

  • Acknowledge what's important to your soul/spirit

  • Finding what resonates for you

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Making a commitment to self

  • Leaning within self

  • Healing your inner child

This module is valued at $250

Module 4:

Self-Love: this is where we build a solo structure for you to implement what you need for yourself to thrive. You are the only person that you live with 24/7 for 365 days a year. Nobody knows you better then you do. Let your soul speak as it is always guiding you to where you need to be.

Inside, we will:

  • Define a clear understanding of what self-love means to you

  • Understand energy levels

  • Notice all parts of self

  • Mind, body, & soul connection

  •  Know your boundaries

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Design relationships

This module is valued at $250


Here is what's included...

  • Video modules valued at $100

  • Workbooks valued at $25

  • Plus bonus audios

  • Solo Love Toolkit with bonus downloadable valued at $10

  • Link to the solo-love playlist

  • Weekly hour long coach calls via Zoom valued at $125 per call

  • Lifetime access to the Facebook group


All included with a one time payment of $800